Telecom Towers Design, Supply, Erection and Maintenance
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 Multihop offers the following types of Self Supporting Towers:
1.  Based on Design of Tower

  • Square Angular Tower

  • Tri-Angular Tower

  • Polygonal Tower

  • Monopoles

  • Guyed Masts

2.  Based on type of Material Sections

  • Angular Towers

  • Tubular Towers

  • Hybrid Towers (Leg Tubes and Bracing Angles)

3.  Based on placement of Towers

  • Description: Profile font pageGround Based Towers

  • Roof Top Towers

4.  Poles

  • Roof Top Poles

  • Wall Mounted Poles

  • Monopole

Designs Capabilities

Multihop has developed several Minitowers /Mast designs, which are time tested. We provide the following complete solutions to our customers

Site Survey & Design: We carry out the survey and design the site before the installation of the towers. For the same we follow the following systematic procedure:-


Civil Works: Design and execution of foundations and associated Civil Works, we can provide you with the necessary geotechnical report complete with boring log and recommendations to make sure you have the proper foundation design to meet your tower specifications. We have experience in installing foundations for all types of towers; we can also install foundations for BTS shelters.
Tower Supply: We have the Expertise to supply the following types of towers:-

Clearances / Permissions: We Obtain permissions from NIGERIAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY (NCAA), we take care of all forms of Local/community issues.

Earth Installation: We carry out complete lightning conductors installation & earth system work for all installed mast/Tower.